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I just wanted to share my discovery of Digikam with you all. It is such an amazing program that does all the stuff I had been wanting after rediscovering my love of photography and getting my new Fuji F10. I have also found a good processing lab that will scan my 35mm films to CD for a reasonable fee for the shots I take with my Nikon F80.

Digikam screenshot

I committed bumps to media-gfx/digikam-0.7.4, media-plugins/digikamimageplugins-0.7.4 and also added the corresponding 0.8.0_beta1 versions to p.mask. The betas seem to be working really well though, and it is much snappier due to using sqlite I think amongst other improvements. The screenshot shows the main UI in action with some of my honeymoon snaps.

Add in the digikamimageplugins package, along with the kipi-plugins and you have a really powerful application that can catalogue all of your photos, edit them, touch them up, prepare backups, CDs and print them. I think it is really starting to come into its own with 0.7.4 and 0.8.0_beta1 having many more image manipulation plugins and a pretty amazing feature set. Just emerge digikam digikamimageplugins kipi-plugins to get all the photo editing goodness :-)


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Sebastian Röder on :

Sebastian RöderYeahhh, you are my hero! I have been waiting for so long for the updated ebuilds and compiled digikam myself in the meantime form the fat (in size) SVN snapshots of kdeextragear. Now thing's will be easier and I am looking forward to transform my parent's SuSE box into a Gentoo one.

Just be prepared for the beta2 to come soon - in case you don't read the ML ;-) Ahhh, one more thought: There were some discussions in the ML about some kipi-plugins not working with the 0.8.x versions of digikam (I have the CD archiving in mind). In case this is still true, could we improve the ebuilds somehow to block this plugins for digikam or something? Hmm, sound's difficult (this was just a "think as you type" thought).

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellI will keep an eye out for beta2, I am not currently on the mailing list but I may add it to the ever growing number of lists I am on... You are correct that the CD archiver plugin doesn't work, although I don't know how to work around this one. Don't they plan to fix it? I thought the point of the kipi plugins was that they worked with everything :-)

This is masked beta software, so you try it at your own risk. I would hate to block kipi-plugins when the rest of them might work. I have only just discovered digikam myself, but I would be disappointed if the kipi-plugins weren't fixed for the final release. I would love to see the gallery plugin updated for gallery 2 which has just been released too.

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